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Goal: to generate as many tweets possible from NEA members, leaders, partners, parents and activists on Thursday, April 9 between 7 -- 8 PM EST.

The hope is that such a flurry of activity will help push our hashtag -- #GetESEARight -- to generate online attention from members of Congress and media that turns in to offline action as Congress works to reauthorize ESEA.

how this works

1. Mark you calendar and set a reminder for 7 – 8 PM ET on Thursday, April 9, 2015.
2. Use NEAs Twitter Tool and enter your zipcode.
3. Send your Representative and/or Senator the message to #GetESEARight using the prepopulated tweet or customize one of the sample tweets found below.
4. Share NEAs Twitter Tool with your friends and ask them to join you in the Twitter Storm!

Extra Credit

1. Download one of these template signs:
#TimetoLearn ( PDF, 66.3 KB, 1 pg.) or #OpportunityForAll ( PDF, 67.2 KB, 1 pg.)
and add your message.
2. Snap a photo and use one of the sample tweets below.
3. Use NEAs Twitter Tool to find your Representative and/or Senator’s Twitter handle and @mention them in a Tweet with your photo and message.

Colleagues, family and friends can do it, too!

1. Download and print #TimetoLearn ( PDF, 66.3 KB, 1 pg.) signs and #OpportunityForAll ( PDF, 67.2 KB, 1 pg.) signs.
2. Distribute them with markers to event attendees and ask that they fill in the sign with a message they want their Member of Congress to see.
3. Ask them to take a photo holding their sign, or take it for them using their phone.
4. Compose a tweet with the photo using the relevant Twitter Storm hashtag - #GetESEARight – and @mention the Member of Congress.
5. Hit “tweet” to join the Twitter Storm!

Sample Tweets