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School Administrators


Effective leadership is fundamental to great public shools

Effective leadership is fundamental to great public schools

Effective leadership is fundamental to providing a great public school for every child. School administrators perform key functions in the maintenance and development of schools, their faculty and their students. They manage school policies, regulations and procedures and also serve as key liaisons in their communities.

NEA supports these educational leaders to ensure that:

  • Curricula are effective
  • Students are learning and achieving in safe environments
  • School employees and teachers are nurtured, mentored, and qualified to lead the next generation

Administrators across the country are seeking professional compensation and development as well as support through collective bargaining.

NEA membership is open to administrators employed by public school districts. Active administrator members can serve as voting delegates to the Representative Assembly and hold elective and appointive positions in the Association.

Visit NEA Member Benefits for more information or contact the NEA affiliate in your state to become a member.


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