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Substitute Educators

Substitute educators perform a vital function in the maintenance and continuity of daily education. In our public school systems, substitutes are the educational bridges when regular classroom educators are absent. They are called early in the morning, take over lessons with short notice, and ensure that quality education is maintained in our classrooms. The professional substitute ensures that time is productive and furthers the student's learning.

Substitute educators throughout the United States are seeking to be recognized as the professionals they are.

They are seeking professional compensation and development; they are seeking support through collective bargaining; they are seeking partnership with their full-time colleagues in the classroom.

Membership in the NEA is open to substitutes who are employed by or in a public school district. The professional substitute joins the NEA through membership in the state affiliate.

Active substitute members are eligible to be voting delegates to the Representative Assembly and to hold elective and appointive positions in the Association. Visit NEA Member Benefits for more information on the benefits of membership.

Contact the NEA Affiliate in your state to become a member.