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Welcome to NEA-Retired!

NEA-Retired Election Results Announced

The results for the 2020 NEA-Retired ballot tabulation has been announced, and results can be viewed here.  Please pay particular attention to the run-off election information at the bottom of the page.


The entire website is being designed with a new format.  The changeover to the new design will be available to the public in mid-September, and until the changeover occurs, no additional changes will be made to this Retired site beyond the placement of the link to the election results.   We appreciate your understanding and patience while there is a delay with updating the 2020 Retired Annual Meeting information, Retired governance listings, Retired governing documents, etc.

Remembering NEA-Retired Past President Tom Curran

It is with great sadness to share that past Retired NEA-Retired President Tom Curran passed away on Sunday, March 29.  NEA-Retired governance and the NEA staff who support the NEA-Retired Council share their thoughts and prayers with his family during this very difficult time.

The Relationship-Builder: Remembering Former NEA-Retired President Tom Curran |, April 1, 2020 


A Way to Honor Tom's Memory

Several retired members have inquired about the process for honoring Tom’s memory by making donations to the Kinnaman Scholarship Fund.  Contributions to the Kinnaman Fund can be made by clicking HERE.

To ensure that your donation is credited to this tribute to Tom, please click on the item that says, “I’d like to donate in honor or memory of someone” and then enter Tom Curran’s name in the box that pops up.  By designating your contribution to Tom, your name will be added to the list of donors that will be shared with his family so that they know who honored him in this meaningful way.

To view the entire NEA Foundation website, please visit this site:  If you use this site to make a contribution, please navigate to the donation page.

NEA-Retired greatly appreciates the Foundation’s role in acting as the collecting agent for all Jack Kinnaman Scholarship Fund donations, and acknowledges that the Foundation is not able to solicit contributions for the Scholarship Fund.  All advertising and solicitations for the Scholarship Fund are conducted solely through NEA-Retired members and the NEA-Retired organization.

Standing United Across the Miles

NEA-Retired members gather in their first-ever Virtual Annual Meeting.

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Number of Kinnaman Scholarships to Increase

Thanks to the generosity of many NEA-Retired members, five NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman scholarships will be awarded during the 2020 Retired Annual Meeting, one more than was given in 2019.  The amount remains the same:  $2,500, which is a significant contribution toward an Aspiring Educator’s higher education costs.  From the first $1,000 award to one recipient in 2002, the program has awarded a total of over $50,000 in scholarship money to 30 Aspiring Educators.

To learn more about Jack Kinnaman, and for information on how to contribute to this incredibly impactful program, please visit this, please visit this webpage.  All contributions, regardless of amount, are welcome; in fact, most donations are from small dollar donors who give less than $100.  To ensure that your contribution is properly credited, please remember to make checks payable to “The NEA Foundation” and in the memo line, reference “Kinnaman Scholarships.

Retirement Security in Uncertain Times

A PowerPoint presentation
by Mary Kusler, Senior Director
Center for Advocacy, NEA


NEA-Retired Member Organizing Toolkit

NEA Retirees are helping to advocate for public education community by community, school by school, teacher by teacher, one conversation at a time—whether that’s on a front porch or in a classroom. They’re committed to dialoging with the next generation of educator organizers, because at the end of the day, they aren’t the first to fight for public education, and they won’t be the last. This organizing toolkit will help retirees take action – teaching, and training others in organizing for public education. Dive in to find help with assessing educational issues, needs and resources, addressing one-on-one conversation skills, engaging stakeholders, and building leadership.

Download toolkit now (PDF, 4.5MB, 98pgs)

NEA-Retired Members Take Action

See how you can help in your state

M.O.R.E. Projects

The M.O.R.E. Project is designed to mobilize, organize, recruit and engage retirees in the strategic priorities of the NEA and its state affiliates. The M.O.R.E. Project has been in Florida for the last five years and the last three years in Arizona. The project is scheduled to expand to Georgia, North Carolina and Texas in 2020.

Be a part of the NEA Retired Rapid Response Team!

Join with over 3,000 other NEA-Retired Members that live within a 50 mile radius of downtown Washington, DC. Your expertise and years of experience are crucial during this critical turning point in NEA’s history.

NEA-Retired Overview

NEA-Retired membership today is more than 300,000 and we continue to lead the way in public education
and on critical issues. We work with NEA members to:

  • Protect and improve retirement pension, and health benefits—including state pensions, Social Security and Medicare.
  • Improve public education through mentoring, literacy, and intergenerational programs and activities.
  • Achieve legislative and political action goals for education and education employees.

 Whether you’re already retired or just thinking about retirement down the road, there are many advantages to being an NEA-Retired member. They include:

  • Staying connected with fellow NEA members and programs
  • Opportunities to share your expertise by volunteering and mentoring
  • NEA’s political and legislative efforts to protect your retirement resources
  • Subscription to NEA’s bimonthly retiree magazine, This Active Life
  • A variety of member benefits, such as:
    • insurance programs
    • credit programs
    • loan and mortgage programs
    • deposit savings accounts
    • investment programs

    Retired members also:

    • Continue their involvement with their State Association and the NEA and enjoy new and different activities with former colleagues and new friends.
    • Volunteer in community-based programs that help make America stronger.
    • Participate in national and regional conferences and seminars.

    In addition, NEA-Retired provides its members with a wide range of benefits through NEA Member Benefits.


2020 Retired Annual Meeting Information


NEA Retired Educators Use Quilting Talents To Make Life-Saving Masks
Many ties bind educators together, and for some NEA-Retired members, those ties may well be the threads of a quilt. Click here to read the full story.

NEAToday for Retired Members

Pulished in: June 2020

NEA-Retired Membership

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For information about the awards and scholarships given during the Retired Annual Meeting, click here.

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